Protect Your Back-up Power Generator

Oil & Fuel Quality Testing

Oil and fuel analysis of generator fluids is critical for back-up power systems, helping to
ensure that your back-up power system will work when needed the most.
Generator fuel testing evaluates the condition of the fuel to ensure it’s free of algae
and/or water, while oil testing verifies there is no excessive presence of metals, coolant
or moisture build up.

Many businesses, such as hospitals, airports, government buildings, and manufacturing
plants require reliable standby emergency back-up power generators so that when the
local power grid fails, their life safety equipment will function as needed.

Testing is suggested annually to help ensure proper back-up generator readiness and maintenance.

Testing includes but is not limited to:

  • Wear Metals (ppm)
  • Contaminant Metals (ppm)
  • Multi-Source Metals (ppm)
  • Additive Metals (ppm)
  • Fluid Properties

Load Bank Testing

Load bank testing helps to ensure that your generator will be fully dependable and operational, as well as
completely capable of maintaining the highest possible load it may be required to, at any critical point in

What is Generator Load Bank Testing?

A generator load bank test verifies that all primary components of the generator are in proper working
condition. The Load Bank Machine produces artificial loads on the generator by bringing the engine to an
appropriate operating temperature and pressure level.
This is especially important for standby and emergency generator sets that do not run very often and/or
may not be exposed to carrying heavy loads on a frequent basis.  If your generator is not ran or tested
with 30% or higher of its rated kW load then you should seriously consider a load bank test.

GenPower Products believes that YOU SHOULD HAVE PEACE OF MIND knowing your backup power
generator will function properly at a moments notice. What happens when the power goes out and
your generator does not turn on as expected? The result can often be costly and sometimes catastrophic.
For this reason GenPower Products, offers generator load bank testing as a piece of your comprehensive
preventative generator maintenance plan.

Benefits of Load Bank Testing

  • Apply simulated load to the generator; pushing it to its full capacity, as opposed to just
    routinely starting it up
  • Load Bank Testing is required for medical facilities, as-well- as homes & amp; businesses with life
    saving equipment
  • Many problems can be discovered early, significantly reducing service calls; repair costs
    and preventing future unexpected issues
  • Load Bank Testing helps to avoid wet-stacking and cleans out carbon deposits
  • Load Bank Testing also verifies the engine cooling system is performing correctly while
    under load
  • PEACE OF MIND; have the assurance that the genset will work properly when you need it