kohler generator remote monitoring

Remote Monitoring for ANY Generator
Now that you are experiencing the benefits of having POWER ON DEMAND with your emergency backup power generator and transfer switch, why not take it one step further? Whether you own a Kohler standby generator or another make and model, YOU can take control of managing your power from anywhere.

GenPower Products – Making it Easy for Homes and Businesses

KOHLER’s remote monitoring products are designed to let you see and manage your generator system from multiple locations. These accessories will notify you when your generator starts operating and when it needs attention.

  • OnCue Management System
  • External Alarm Module
  • RSA II Annunciator

You can’t always be there…
but you can stay in control if you’re at home or on the go.

With a Kohler OnCue Management System you can manage your compatible Kohler generator equipment remotely, receive updates via text or email, view real-time power operation and more, from anywhere in the world where there is broadband internet or cellular service.

The Gen-Tracker System works with any type of generator, providing a simple, dependable monitoring and control system. It’s cost effective, easy to install, and requires no programming or special setup. In the event that your residential, commercial or industrial generator fails, it will automatically contact you via e-mail, phone, or cell phone text messaging. In addition, GenPower will be notified so we can immediately send a trained technician to repair the problem and restore your power.


  • For internet-based remote monitoring that is universal for all generator makes and models
  • For notifications that are sent directly to GenPower’s Service Department
  • For an email and/or cellular text message sent to you when your generator is having problems
  • For 3 convenient ways of communication: cellular, phone, or internet
  • For automatic monthly e-mails to you with your generator activity
  • For flexible software that meets all your needs
  • For Peace of Mind, 24/7, that your backup power system will work when you need it most