Kohler Residential Home Generators

Residential Generators
Unlock Peace of Mind

Everyone has heard the expression “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.”  The only problem is that what’s coming next might be worse than what you are experiencing now.

Life is busy and power keeps life moving at a smooth pace. The truth is that the power to your home can go out at almost any time, leaving you in the dark and disrupting life’s rhythm.

GenPower offers Kohler residential generators from 8.5kW to 125kW in natural gas or propane that can be packaged with automatic transfer switches and accessories to fit your family’s needs.


Kohler home generators are strong, fast, tough and are priced to fit your budget, giving you the KEY TO UNLOCK the power…confidently. So let Mother Nature throw you her worst, you’ll rest easy…safe and secure.

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